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So you have decided to have a family portrait photo session but you aren’t sure how to be fully prepared. Here are my top tips on making sure you and your child/children are ready for your photoshoot.

Full tummies!

A child with a full tummy is a happy child. A parent with a happy child is a happy parent. We all know that our kids get “hangry” when they are close to meal or snack times so make sure they are fed and that you have emergency snacks and maybe even a few bribe treats, just to be on the safe side.

Well rested.

That means both kids and parents! Not always easy with a small baby, I have had 2 kids so I totally get the tired parent vibe. At least try and book your baby photoshoot around nap times so that we can make sure we get the most beautiful child portraits.

Communication is key

It is super important that we communicate before your family portrait session. We can go over any questions, any photoshoot ideas you have, talk about the best outfits for photoshoots and the tricks I have for keeping kids engaged during photo sessions.

Gather some ideas

This doesn’t mean that I expect you to come with all the ideas. Definitely not! However, it is always great to see the style of images you like, the types of poses that you want to try out for your photoshoot, the colours you like for photo backdrops and the overall feel of the images you gravitate towards. This is simply to help give me an idea of the type of photos that you would like to get from your photo session.


Make sure you bring anything that comforts your child/children. This could be a teddy, a blanket or their dummy. It is important that your little ones feel comfortable. I will do all I can to put them at ease, but something from home definitely help. Also make sure that YOU are comfortable in your outfit and that the kids are too. You want to feel amazing if you are having your photo taken.